Fragile Perspectives / Olivia DiLeonardo

Fragile Perspectives: Using Narrative to Access Global Health Challenges

Narrative has been the cornerstone of shared knowledge for all of mankind – in it, we share and shift and frame perspectives not otherwise understood. We invite you to challenge your own perspectives by briefly taking on the voices of those often unheard. With graphic novels, poetry, and short stories, we hope to not only engage you in the vulnerable settings so many in our global community live through, but also demonstrate the various methods through which those voices (including your own) can be shared. Participants will become the voices of these works, followed by reflective discussions and writing or drawings of your own imagination.

Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig is a faculty member at the Health Science Center Libraries. There she serves as historian and archivist, conducting oral history interviews, serving as a library liaison for medical students, developing exhibits related to health history, planning programs and library special events focusing on wellness, equity and inclusion, and related to traveling exhibits. She works extensively on environmental health issues, including exploring the relationship between biodiversity and health, and nature as a healing modality.  She also directs medical humanities programming in the College of Medicine at UF, where she teaches medical students in the arts and health humanities. She is an affiliate faculty member for the Center for African Studies.  She currently serves on the advisory council of the Gold Humanism Honor Society, working with the Arnold P. Gold Foundation.