Mental Health in a Pandemic / Linda Simmons, MA, DMin

Fear, deception, and uncertainty have loomed large for the last year, yet hope and healing are ahead. The global toll of the pandemic, not only from viral illness and death, but also  from an unprecedented surge in mental health crises, is still climbing and yet to be fully realized. What are the implications of a viral pandemic around the world on mental health, and what efforts are being made in different countries to keep mental health stable? Explore your own COVID-mental health wellbeing with that of peers around the world through interactive polls, hear first-person stories from other students globally seeking to find stability in dangerous times, join a discussion about the impact of the pandemic on mental health, and find peace in the new year with a mini guided meditation by mental health counselor and healthcare chaplain, Dr. Linda Simmons.


Workshop Faculty: Linda Simmons, MA, DMin

Linda Simmons, MA, DMin, is a Lincensed Mental,Health Counselor Intern and former healthcare chaplain. Dr. Simmons traveled with MedPACt students to Peru and the Dominican Republic to provide emotional and spiritual care to patients cared for by the teams from 2014-2019.

Global Mental Health and COVID-19 Workshop Contributors

Camila Lucia Ramirez – Peru
Ella Näsi – Finland
Lauren Mitchell – USA
Rachel Mitchell – UK
Rachel Dragos – China
Seungseo Choi – Peru
Yingqi Li – China