Culinary Medicine / Natasha Dial, Steven Burroughs

Culinary Medicine: The Healing Power of Food Culture

In this workshop you will explore the impact that food culture and the act of preparing and consuming food can have on our bodies beyond the nutrition label. Can food be used as an effective therapy? Why is chicken noodle soup the first thing we think of when we are sick? What draws us to a certain ingredient or preparation style when we are ill? These are the types of questions you will explore while tasting unique cultural teas from around the world that have been passed down for generations because of their healing associations. If you like experiencing new flavors, expanding your cultural culinary knowledge, and sharing great conversation then this workshop is for you!

Natasha Dial is with the University of Central Florida College of Medicine’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Health with a concentration in Community Health, and has over a decade of successful experience in health education, as well as program implementation and evaluation. Natasha began her public health career as an intern with the Florida Department of Health in Orange County serving minority populations, who often lived in food deserts. Natasha is a strong believer that fresh foods can aid in our wellness.

Steven Burroughs earned his B.S. degree in Health Science & Nutrition and M.S. in Nutrition Science both from Brooklyn College at City University of New York. Steven has over 5 years of experience working as a clinical nutritionist dietitian in the ICU, CVICU in specialties such as neurology, surgery critical care, oncology, cardiology, and general medicine. He is currently working as an assistant faculty of Clinical Nutrition Therapy at Valencia college in addition to being on faculty in the department of Clinical Nutrition Therapy at the UCF colleges of nursing and medicine.