Jan 2020
Arts in Global Medicine: Integration & Healing
Global Health Conference
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UCF College of Medicine & MedPACt’s 9th annual student-run Global Health Conference

While medicine and the arts have largely been viewed as two distinct, unrelated practices, healthcare treatment is trending toward a future where the two fields come together in an integrated manner. Once considered to be a form of alternative medicine, arts in medicine (AIM) is a recognized form of complementary/integrative medicine in numerous hospitals across the United States and other countries of the world. Yet, despite the successes of AIM on the overall well-being, attitude, and outlook of patients, many developing nations and cultures still view the two as separate ideologies. Thus, while many communities across the world have some sort of cultural art practices, whether it be through music, painting, dancing, or narrative storytelling, the benefit of integrating these practices with medicine has yet to be explored. To achieve a better state of patient health with a larger global view, the benefits of AIM on overall patient health across different cultures must be explored. At our Global Health Conference, we will focus on addressing the efficacy of AIM in medicine, the benefits of research already explored by our keynote speaker Jill Sonke and others, as well as increasing awareness for the impact of improving healthcare on a global scale.

We encourage students and faculty from all healthcare fields (Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, etc.) who are interested in global health to attend.

Saturday, January 18th, 2020, 8:00am – 4:30pm

UCF College of Medicine
6850 Lake Nona Blvd, Orlando, FL

Talks by Experts in the Field, Clinical Simulations, Interactive & Advocacy Workshops, Networking Opportunities

As an homage to this year’s theme “Arts in Medicine: Integration & Healing,” GHC invites students and professionals to showcase their artwork at the conference.

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The GHC Research Committee welcomes student and professional researchers to submit abstracts no later than January 10th for poster presentations.

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100% of the proceeds from this conference will support charitable causes. See below for more details about our charity partners this year.

Benefiting the Fundación Yantaló, Peru Clinic

This year, donations will be made to our global health partners in Peru, the Fundación Yantaló Clinic. Established in 2014, this clinic is the first grassroots, community-based, green health care clinic in Peru. It is designed to be a service, research, and education center. The 16-bed international facility addresses the lack of medical services in the Yantalo village community and rural San Martin region within the Amazon Jungle. Hours away from the major hospitals in Lima, Peru, the clinic provides basic care to over 10,000 patients a year, but they lack the local manpower to provide year-round specialists and specialized care to serve many of its patients’ medical and surgical needs. MedPACt was the first team last summer to introduce broad primary care, physical therapy, and adult surgery. Services that have been offered to the local patient population during previous trips include obstetrics and gynecology, surgery, dermatology, internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, pediatric urology, physical therapy, social work, nutrition, and health education. If this cause is meaningful to you please consider donating here.

Volunteers from the Class of 2022 with Mery Padilla, Director of International Medical Programs at the Yantaló Clinic
Volunteers from the Class of 2022 with Mery Padilla, Director of International Medical Programs at the Yantaló Clinic
Providing Glocal Healthcare: Peru & Apopka

A portion of donations will also be given to the Farmworker’s Association of Apopka. Funds collected will help support the Farmworker’s Association’s own events for the Central Florida community. These include “El Arte de Sobrevivir” (The Art of Survival) which provides outreach and support for sexual assault and human trafficking survivors and the Woman to Woman Conference, an event aimed at offering support and empowerment for the women of Apopka. In addition, funds will support the MedPACt Farmworker’s Apopka Clinic, a pop-up clinic organized and run by UCF Medical, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Social Work and Behavioral Health, and UF Pharmacy health students. This free clinic provides healthcare to the people of Apopka who have no access to such care due to varying socioeconomic barriers. For more information on the Farmworker’s Association of Florida and how you can contribute, please visit their website.


7:30:                    Check-In Desk Opens, Roundtable Signup, Poster & Art Exhibits Setup

7:30-8:50:           Breakfast (Atrium)

        8:20-8:50:           Networking Breakfast Rountables (104)

              Managing a Large Public Health Clinic in the Community

              Global Health Mission to Ethiopia

              Continuity of Care in Community Free Clinics

              Global Health Mission to Peru

9:00-9:05:           Welcome & Opening Remarks (102)
9:05-9:50:           Keynote Speech by Jill Sonke, MA: Why Medicine Needs the Arts (102)
10:00-10:50:       Panel: Portraits of Global Health: How Art Influences Health (102)
11:00-11:50:       Workshop/Simulation Block I*

11:50-12:50:       Lunch

        12:20-12:50:       Networking Lunch Roundtables

              Keynote Breakout Session: Engaging Arts and Culture in Clinical and Community Practice

              Panelist Breakout Session: Social Media and Global Health Advocacy

              Panelist Breakout Session: Connections Mental Healthcare, Community Engagement

                 and Art

              Panelist Breakout Session: Arts in Global Health outreach in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South

                 Africa and the United States

              Global Health Advocacy

              “Laughter is the Best Medicine”

              Continuity of Care in Community Free Clinics
1:00-1:50:           Workshop/Simulation Block II
2:00-2:50:           Research Presentations

        2:00-2:20:       Oral Presentations (102)

        2:20-2:50:       Poster and Art Presentations (1st Floor Concourses)
3:00-3:50:           Workshop/Simulation Block III
4:00-4:30:           Closing Remarks, Research Awards, & Raffle


*Jill Sonke’s workshop will only have one time slot: 11am-11:50am.



Keynote Speaker


Jill Sonke, M.A.


Jill Sonke is director of the Center for Arts in Medicine at the University of Florida (UF) and Assistant Director of UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine. She serves on the faculty of the UF Center for Arts in Medicine, and is an affiliated faculty member in the School of Theatre & Dance, the Center for African Studies, the STEM Translational Communication Center, the One Health Center, and the Center for Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration. Jill is an Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellow in the UF Warrington College of Business, and serves on the editorial board for Arts & Health journal and the board of Citizens for Florida Arts. She is also director of the national initiative, Creating Health Communities: Arts + Public Health in America, in partnership with ArtPlace America.

Jill holds an MA in Human Services from the University of Illinois, and is a PhD candidate in Arts in Public Health at Ulster University in Northern Ireland. With 25+ years of experience and leadership in arts in health, Jill is active in research, teaching, and international cultural exchange. Her current research focuses on the arts and health communication, the arts in public health, and the effects of music on cost and quality of care in emergency medicine. Jill is the recipient of a New Forms Florida Fellowship Award, a State of Florida Individual Artist Fellowship Award, an Excellence in Teaching Award from the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development, a UF Internationalizing the Curriculum Award, a UF Most Outstanding Service Learning Faculty Award, a UF Public Health Champions award, a UF Cross-Campus Faculty Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and over 200 grants for her programs and research at the University of Florida.

Check out her TEDx Talk, Why Medicine Needs Art, here!

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By clicking below, you will register for the 2020 Global Health Conference at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine. Your credit or debit card will be charged a $30.00 registration fee. By registering for the UCF 2020 Global Health Conference, you agree to be photographed and or video recorded. These photos/recordings may be used as promotional tools for future Global Health Conferences at the UCF College of Medicine. By registering below, you acknowledge and accept this fact. If you expressed interest in our ride share or homestay programs, we will make every effort to accommodate you, but we cannot guarantee satisfying all of your preferences. Please check your email regularly for your registration confirmation and conference updates.

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Donate to MedPACt today!

As a glocal (global + local) health organization, MedPACt is dedicated to providing medical and financial support to organizations both in the Central Florida area and across the world. Donations to the 2020 Global Health Conference will be split between MedPACt’s global and local health organizations, the Fundación Yantaló Clinic and the Farmworker’s Association of Apopka.

Suggested donation: $5

After payment, you will be redirected to a Google Form to complete registration.

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  • Andres Diaz

    I think they’re bringing really, really good speakers, really relevant speakers to not only the medical students, but other fields – marketing, financial, technology, engineering – and I really appreciate that. I like that it’s interdisciplinary – because global health, at its core, is interdisciplinary. And I like the enthusiasm.

  • Zarina Baldes

    I think this is a really good conference because it puts different professionals and different backgrounds [together]. Because – I’m a pre-med student. But the people around me – there’s nurses, medical students – there’s a lot of different backgrounds. So, getting different points of view in the discussion when we’re doing the workshop, I think is really good. Because I learned a lot from the different feedback from other people.

  • Vincent Cendan

    Before attending the Global Health Conference, I never understood the intricate needs and wants of healthcare in general. Finding out that so many different local and global health groups are blocked from basic access to even basic healthcare taught me about the need to act – now.

  • Anjali Cherukuri

    Tackling the issues in global health is fundamentally a multidisciplinary effort, and this conference emulates the teamwork and collaboration that is necessary to make strides in global health. [...] Change starts with small steps, and I can only hope that this conference raises awareness and encourages the attendees to pave the way for a better future in global health.

Who Are We?

MedPACt (Medical Students Providing Across Continents) is an organization dedicated to providing education and mentoring for students to become actively engaged within communities of need both locally and abroad, and to promote awareness and participation in improving the health-related needs of people throughout the world.

To see other work done by UCF College of Medicine’s global health group, click here!
To see information on previous Global Health Conferences, click here!

Our Team

Conference Directors: Benjamin Daines and Vincent Cendan
Assistant Conference Directors: Aaishwariya Gulani and Brandon Tapasak


Registration and Volunteers
Volunteers Chair: Léonie Dupuis

Registration Chair: Henry Mancao


Discussion Committee
Roundtables Chair: Suman Ali
Panel Chair: Cristina Cabrera


Research Committee
Internal Research Chair: Rachel Truong
External Research Chair: John Wilhelm


Public Relations Committee:
Design & Communications Chair: Blake Callahan
Website & Social Media Chair: Brianna Leone


Logistics Committee:
Food & Housing Chair: Dristin Hughes
Finance Chair: Amy Morrison


Workshops & Simulations Committee:
Chairs: Krisandra Hardy and Bernard Sarmiento
Committee: Lily Chen, Nickolas Kessler, Seungho Lee, Melodie Noel, Shani Pennant


Faculty Advisor: Judith Simms-Cendan, MD
For more info on Dr. Simms-Cendan and her work, click here!


Thank you to our sponsors for helping make this conference come to life. We encourage GHC attendees to support these local businesses and institutions.

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